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If only obtaining IT Services was as simple as going to your favourite Internet shop, and placing your requirement in the Trolley.

Well now it is.

At  DynamiteIT  we use our small size to our advantage, tailoring our offerings to clients requirements with the minimum of fuss. Below are some of our more popular offerings,  but we are happy to plug whatever gaps you may have from CIO through to a PM.

If you have a temporary hole in your  Senior IT management team that is becoming an open wound, we can plug that gap, even up to an interim CIO.

Senior Interim IT Management

Has your current outsourcing (or in-sourcing) experience turned from a dream to a nightmare?

Are costs getting out of control?
If so, then now is the time to request a review.

 IT Operation Auditing, Optimisation & Risk Mgmt

You know how it is. The big boys do you a “great deal” but before you can implement your business changes. So what slips? Time? Costs? Quality?
 Let us help you keep on track.

 IT Project Governance

Do you even have one?
If you do, is it still appropriate?
If you don’t, then how are you optimising your investments?
Let us  help point you in the right direction.

 IT  Technology Strategy & Optimisation

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